History and Type of Orchids

History of Orchids The early history of orchids is only partially recorded. It is known that in 550 BC, the Chinese emperors coveted the indigenous species of cymbidium orchids for their sweet perfume. The man orchid (aceras anthropophorum) was once considered to be an aphrodisiac because the shape of the lip of the orchid flower […]

Summer Perfect Fiery Colored Flowers

Bring a part of the fiery summer atmosphere to your garden with the help of strikingly beautiful flowers in red, orange and yellow color. Imagine relaxing on your deck chair on a beautiful, warm summer day while enjoying the most amazing view of your garden’s fiery colored flowers and plants. The passionate and energetic shades […]

How to Grow Orchids as Indoor Plants

You can grow orchids as indoor plants or house plants in your home. These orchids have a greater advantage; they get regular attention from you. You will notice immediately when a new growth or flower spike appears or when the surface compost has dried out. As orchids are plants which require regular care and attention, […]